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Trinity Monster Horsepower Motor Series Dominates On-Road Classes at IIC!!!

10-7-16 Las Vegas, Nevada

For the first time I made the trip to the Scotty Ernst’s IIC Championships in Las Vegas! I don’t know why it took me so long but if you are thinking about going to this event, don’t make the same mistake I did. Don’t wait! It is without a doubt one of the best races I have ever attended. In my 36 years of business with trips all over the world, I have never experienced the promoter opening the race door each morning himself and welcoming each and every racer. We all felt “like we were in this together”. There is no higher compliment I can give Scotty Ernst. Great Job!

This is was the first race Trinity used our new R.O.A.R. approved Monster Horsepower (TEP1701 13.5) and TEP1702 (17.5) motors. With very little testing on these in on-road we brought motor-guru Jim Dieter in to complete all the final tuning. To say Jim and the Monster were successful would be a vast understatement. They dominated the event.

For the new 6.5 Modified Class we used our 24K (6.5T)  REV1816 modified motors.

A great introduction for the new Trinity Monster Horsepower Series Motors! Andrew Knapp won all 3 classes 13.5 plus TQ (with Knapp 1st, Ray Darroch 2nd, and Hupo Honiji 4th place and 5 out of 10 in the main)

In 17.5 Andrew Knapp lead a 1-2 sweel with the TEP1502 (17.5)

In the Modified 6.5 class Trinity had 4 out of 10 in the A-Main with our 24K REV1816.

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Trinity New Monster Horsepower Series Motors (stock and modified) on display at IIC in Las Vegas


Young Money with the sexy Courtney Day accepting his trophy!


13.5 A-Main Left to Right Hupo (4th), Ray Darroch 2nd, Young Money Knapp (winner) Courtney Day and Hefty Jesus!


Andrew Knapp’s winning 1/12th CRC Car and Hobby Wing speed controllers!


New Monster Horsepower Series Stickers Coming Soon


Donny Lia used a Lipo Factory LF4023 Shorty Pack ($29.00) all through practice, qualifying and in the mains….Believe he finished third! Check out Lipo Factory!


Ron Schurr from Hobbywing helped support us all week with the latest Hobbywing products. Jim Dieter, aka Dieterworks, aka “JDR” whatever you call him for my money he is the very best motor guy in the business.


Left to Right Lauren “Money Team” Knapp, Andrew “Young Money” Knapp, Ray Darroch finishing second and the legendary Jim Dieter from Trinity

Ernie is the Creator of Trinity Racing.