Davidoff’s Oro Blanco Cigar Reviews

April 2, 2015.

Davidoff’s  new “Oro” is a lot of things but “better or worse” what it is most known for is “Davidoff’s $500.00 cigar”

The tobacco, which all comes from the Dominican Republic, is rolled into a 6 x 54 parejos. For me it’s a perfect size with a beautiful natural wrapper. Eladio Diaz’s signature is, literally, all over the release. While Diaz has worked as Davidoff’s primary blender for years, not only oversees the rolling, he looks over the entire process. The tobacco is left in processing until Diaz deems it ready, the cigars are then rolled under his watch and left in aging until he thinks they are ready. Davidoff says that cigars cannot ship to retailers until Diaz signs off of them.

As the name suggests “White Gold” it is obviously a great smoke. I paired it with an 18 year old Mc Callan Scotch. Great draw, no bitterness in the beginning of the smoke like most cigars. I smoked it all the way down (where mostly you get lots of tar taste” Not here. I thoroughly enjoyed the cigar and I only had it in my humidor for 30 days. No storing until the tobacco is mature here…it was ready right out of the box.

If this is in your price-range I would highly recommend it. Very limited release and due to the price only certain Davidoff retailers are allowed to sell them


Davidoff's Oro Blanco

Davidoff’s Oro Blanco



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